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Hi everyone and welcome to my This Vacuum Sucks website! Vacuuming has been my all time favourite cleaning task for as long as I can remember. Over the years, and particularly as I’ve entered into adulthood and motherhood, I recognised that having a clean and healthy home was important as it almost always created a clean and healthy mind space too.  As such, I’ve come to appreciate the therapeutic value that truly comes from vacuuming my home!

I’ve gone through a great deal of vacuums to keep up with my busy home; the upright ones, the bag-less ones, the cordless ones, the 1200 watt ones, the 2400 watt ones, the cheap ones, and the expensive ones.  Through it all, I’ve learned that there are efficient and cost-effective ways to vacuum, and also inefficient and expensive ways to vacuum.

Now, it’s time for me to give back some of that elbow-grease appreciation.

I want to offer you insight into my vacuuming cleaning experiences, as well as provide you with tips and techniques to help you get both educated and excited about vacuuming.  Therefore, let me help you develop a healthy relationship with vacuuming today!

A Little Story About My Vacuum Life.

I was raised with parents who placed a lot of importance on a clean and healthy home. My mother would vacuum frequently throughout the day, and mop our hardwood floors every night with disinfectant!   My grandparents worked as commercial cleaners and owned commercial vacuums (the ones that sit like a back pack!). I remember watching them and always wanting to have a turn at vacuuming.  I mean, if that’s not a cool way to vacuum, I don’t know what is!

Early Memories

My very first memory of a vacuum was our Electrolux 345 model made in the 70s!! Who remembers those? The model that allowed you to remove the hose from the suction end and attach it to the top to immediately transform it into a unit that then blew up your air mattress and swimming pool?! What about the burgundy Kirby Legend II model from the 90s? Did everyone else upgrade to that after years of using the Electrolux? Wow, sooo nostalgic.

Recent Memories

Fast forward a few years…being the eldest of 5 children, a mother of 3, and a busy home to many little hands and feet, the foot traffic in our home is constant.  As such, the vacuum is an extension of my character.  On average, you will see me vacuuming at least twice a day and that’s not even including accidental mishaps too!! In fact, let me share a quick story with you from when I was as a young adult.

So, I remember returning home quite late one night and vacuuming my little heart out before bed. Maybe 10 minutes into vacuuming I remember being visited by a noise control officer telling me that I was disturbing my neighbours.  I was told to turn my vacuum off immediately! I mean sure, 2am is probably not the best time to vacuum so yes, the vacuum went off guys 😀

Current Life

As you can see, I developed a meaningful relationship with vacuuming from a very young age. Even now as an adult that relationship continues. In fact, seeing dirt and crumbs being sucked up by the vacuum, and then taking moments to also pretend that my vacuum wand is a microphone, and that I am on stage singing and dancing for my fans, is literally my jam 😛 #dreamsarefree

Now, as you all know, not everyone views vacuuming in this way! For the most part, vacuuming is still viewed as an unwanted household chore.  However, it is the gateway to your clean and healthy home.

How do you develop a fun and healthy relationship with vacuuming?

You start with understanding that vacuuming encourages a healthy home, mind and body. You start by understanding that with the right vacuum in your hands, you will most certainly transform how you view and experience vacuuming.

There are obviously many benefits and limitations to your overall success with vacuuming, so, start today with your first step forward (literally), push through the words ‘household chore’, and embrace the stage as you sing and dance vicariously through your vacuum!

The Vacuuming Game Has Changed.

Gone are the days when you were only able to vacuum as far as your cord stretched, or as much as your vacuum bag could hold. Gone are the days when vacuum bags were a regular shopping list item, or when vacuums were bulky and/or limited in their options. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice.  I’m talking self-charging, cordless and bag-less options. Wet & dry combination options, digital, and even smart iRobot options.

The point is, vacuuming got a whole lot cooler.

Much of the content that I will discuss here is going to be centered around ultimately improving your relationship with vacuuming.  I will also help you select the best model and method to get you there as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

A Clean and Healthy Home

There is no point avoiding the topic of vacuuming. Vacuuming is here to stay.

So, have a look around.  Get excited, get creative, and get serious about having a fun, clean, and healthy relationship with vacuuming.  Go on, do it for your fans!

If you have anything to share about your fun and healthy relationship with vacuuming I would love to hear about it!

Happy vacuuming X


  1. Hi Gina,

    I like your website, so clean, so nice, well selected images, great and fun content! You have a lot of knowledge about vacuums, your posts will be very helpful for people that are in the research of a new vacuum. My mother is one of them, she has been struggling finding the right one.
    I honestly hate carpets, they hold lost of dust, germs, dirt, etc.

    Homes look very elegant with carpet flooring, but they require a lot of work and a lot of maintenance. Specially if they are light colors.

    Thank you for sharing your own experiences, a lot of us (your audience) are looking for real people like you that can give us a good advice.

    Good quality work, congratulations!


    1. What a good point about carpets re germs and maintenance, a friend of mine who suffers from allergies has zero carpet in her home for that reason, however, it looks elegant and feels super cosy!

      Thank you for your lovely words Adriana!

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