Consumer Guide for Vacuum Cleaners

Consumer Guide For Vacuum Cleaners

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A vacuum cleaner is a must-have item for any living space right? So, how do you, the consumer, decide with all the options, which vacuum cleaner is best for you? Well, you start right here. Right here is where we will provide a basic consumer guide for vacuum cleaners and answer all your vacuum cleaner need-to-knows!

So, let our website be exactly what it was designed to be, your one-stop destination for all your vacuum need-to-knows, and get all those important questions answered today!

Determine Your Needs

Shopping for the perfect vacuum cleaner can be challenging. Would you believe me though if I said it takes just 2 steps to find the right vacuum cleaner for your home?

STEP 1 – Determine Your Vacuum Cleaning Needs by Pondering These Questions:

  • How frequently do you vacuum?
  • What type of flooring do you have?
  • Do you live in a small apartment or a large space with multi-level flooring?
  • What are the additional surfaces that you will be cleaning?
  • How often do you want to clean your vacuum cleaner?
  • How heavy do you want your vacuum cleaner to be?

STEP 2 – Determine Your Personal Needs by Pondering These Questions:

Consumer Guide For Vacuum Cleaners

Having now considered these questions, we encourage you to read our below list of advantages and disadvantages for the common household vacuum cleaner types so that you can identify which one suits your cleaning and personal needs.  In fact, we consider it our best consumer guide for vacuum cleaners as it covers a wide range of need-to-knows, and my own personal preferences just for you!

Canister Vacuums

+ Advantages

Canister vacuums are lighter when compared to upright vacuums. The head of the canister vacuum is also shorter than an upright vacuum which makes it easier to clean under furniture, up and down stairs, on hardwood floors, and just vacuuming the furniture itself. As such, canister vacuums are a versatile solution for jobs that require both mobility and power.

Canister vacuums feature a full-size motor which makes them particularly useful for power and suction. They also come with special cleaning attachments for those hard to reach places in your home. Their simple design makes it easier to pull apart for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

– Disadvantages

Unlike upright vacuums, canister vacuums need slightly more room for storage so if you . If we are being really picky, the two-piece design can make it a little tough on maneuverability.

They are also a little bulky for storage, unless of course you have an entire cleaning cupboard or room especially for!

Handheld and Stick Vacuums (Cordless):

Do you live in a small space?

Are there stairs in your home?

Are your floor surfaces mostly hardwood?

Is lightweight and convenient at the top of your list?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the handheld and stick vacuum cleaners are your solutions.

+ Advantages

These lightweight, cordless and compact vacuums are suitable for both carpets and hardwood floor surfaces. They are easy to maneuver from room to room and are light-weight and convenient to use. The handheld model makes for easy car cleaning as well.

Most of these models are battery-powered and often housed in a charging station either on the wall or floor which also doubles as a convenient storage option.

– Disadvantages

These models are not as powerful and long-lasting as full-size energy-powered vacuum cleaners, therefore, they are not suitable for full-time routine cleaning with larger floor areas. These models are also not designed to be effective for deep pile carpeting.

Robotic Vacuums:

Consumer Guide for Vacuum Cleaners

Do you have better things to worry about then vacuuming?

Perhaps you don’t mind vacuuming, but preferred doing it every other day?

Are you someone who struggles with physical mobility?

We all know that vacuuming should be carried out on a daily basis to maintain a clean and tidy home, especially if you suffer from asthma and allergies! So, to strike a healthy balance in your life, let us introduce the one and only robotic vacuum.

+ Advantages

These models do all the work for you. Once they are all set up, they are able to find their way around the rooms of your home via a tracking system. They also use smart floor mapping technology to navigate through and around all objects and hard to reach places.
They are self-propelled vacuum cleaners that can clean up to 4 rooms on a single charge. You have the ability to schedule a regular vacuum cleaning routine via WIFI enabled rules, as well as schedule a manual clean remotely from the applicable mobile app. As you can imagine, these models are an excellent choice for busy people, and/or those with limited mobility. Their easy storage ability is just another reason why these smart models are a must have.

– Disadvantages

These models do not have the performance and suction power for deep cleaning because they are mostly designed for convenient surface cleaning.

Central System Vacuums:

Central vacuums are an excellent choice for those who enjoy vacuuming and giving their home a regular deep clean.  Here is an excellent review of the top 5 central vac systems that know will shed some great light on this vacuum type.  Personally, a central vac is top of my list when we build our next home!

+ Advantages

Central vacs are professionally installed into your home. These systems are well-known for their powerful suction, in fact, they are often 3-5 times more powerful than your conventional canister and upright vacuum cleaners. They also remove the need to haul around a vacuum body when you clean, and with a large dirt and dust canister, is emptied less frequently. Central vac systems usually comes with a long hose allowing you to reach most areas without having to unplug the unit.

Some even come with an automatic dustpan making it an excellent accessory to your central vac system!

Lastly, these systems also aim to provide healthy indoor air quality and low noise levels given that most times the unit is located away from living areas.

– Disadvantages

Given this option requires professional installation, it is an expensive upfront cost.

Have you chosen the style that suits your home best? Well, now it’s time to look for the features that help you keep your home clean and look hassle-free.

Upright Vacuums:

Consumer Guide For Vacuum Cleaners+ Advantages

As the name suggests, upright vacuums can stand upright which makes them easy to use from a standing position. An upright vacuum is an excellent choice for deep cleaning carpet floors, and they transition very well to hardwood floors too. Some models even transition to hardwood floors automatically!

These upright vacuums also do a decent job of maneuvering, and require very little space for storage. They also come with an extendable hose and easy-to-use attachments for convenient cleaning.

Generally, upright vacuums are well-known for their superior suction power, and high capacity to absorb dirt and debris from carpets. So, go for an upright vacuum cleaner if you have large spaces of deep carpeted flooring.

– Disadvantages

As a whole unit, the upright vacuum cleaner has very little success getting under furniture and tight corners. To achieve a thorough clean, you most often need to detach certain compartments, or attach tools.

Some upright vacuum cleaners are heavy, and some are difficult to maneuver around furniture, and up and down your stairs.

Did you know that most uprights can be converted with a hose for above-the-floor cleaning (like a canister). These vacuums range in brands, and can be bagged, bagless, and/or self-propelled

Our Vacuum Type Preferences


Regular vacuuming is still a must for tile and hardwood floors, and in this case benefit mostly from a canister vacuum because of its common bare floor brush and maneuverability. Some upright vacuums do come with a brush roll on/off function which is helpful if upright appeals to you more.


If you want to clean more than just your floors, look for vacuums that have tools and attachments in addition to the normal crevice, dusting and upholstery brush for pet hair removal, dusting ceiling fans, blinds, desktops, shelves, and in some instances even mattresses.


The best pick for cleaning a house with stairs would be a light-weight canister vacuum with a long cord, or a lightweight convertible upright vacuum with a long hose and/or extension attachments.


If you are one to deep clean every other day, week or month, I would suggest an upright vacuum with powerful suction performance, and a large dust cup capacity.


Everyone should consider having a stick or handheld vacuum in addition to their day-to-day deeper cleaning vacuum so that quick and easy cleanups are in fact, quick and easy.


This debate always comes down to personal preference as both provide similar cleaning abilities and effectiveness regardless of the vacuum model. Nonetheless, bagged models are less messy with maintenance, and best for allergy sufferers, however, you do need to remember to carry stock! Whereas, Bagless models are more convenient but may not be a great choice for allergy sufferers.


Corded vacuums have an extremely powerful suction performance given they are powered by electrical mains versus cordless which are battery-powered and eventually loose suction strength as the battery depletes.


If you have better things to do with your time, or you simply do not enjoy vacuuming, then robotic or self-propelled options are for you. Though they may not have the power and efficiency to that of conventional vacuums, they certainly pack a punch with their advanced floor mapping technology and mobile application controls.


Any vacuum type with a HEPA filtration system will give you both relief and results when you vacuum.  I invested in the Shark Navigator Lift Away almost 5 years ago and to date, have found it exceptional on this front.


I’ve discovered that vacuum cleaners with the best suction and specific pet hair attachments are your best bet if this feature is NO.1 on your list.  Take a look at our Top 10 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners article which discusses some of the best vacuum types for pet hair.


I mean sure, as a child, I remember having tonnes of fun riding along on our vintage electrolux hoover whilst mum darted around with the vacuum.  BUT!  For the purpose of this article, I would recommend a vacuum type that offers powerful suction performance, deep cleaning and a HEPA filter, to ensure the floors and air in your home are clean and healthy for your toddler.

Some of Our Must Have Features

Consumer Guide For Vacuum Cleaners

Most vacuum cleaners on the market come with all the basic tools to provide a decent clean. However, here are some of our must haves to consider when purchasing your next vacuum.


Most vacuums come with tools and attachments for a variety of cleaning purposes.  These tools include dusting brushes, handheld roller brushes, crevice tools, and extension pieces.  These tools take on a variety of cleaning tasks from upholstery to hard to reach places, curtains to ceilings, stairs to pet hair removal, and of course transitioning from carpet to hardwood floors with ease.


A crevice tool helps you to clean between couch cushions, along desktops, along shelving, and is excellent for all those hard to reach places in the car.


This feature allows you to control the flow of air through the hose so you can move to flooring, upholstery, curtains, stairs and even desktops with the right amount of suction.


An off-and-on roller brush feature is a must-have with your vacuum cleaner if you want to prevent dust, dirt and pet hair from lingering around on your hardwood floors.  The rollers help to make your carpet to look buff and new again, and also prevents your rug from getting tangled in your vacuum.


Most vacuums give you the option to manually switch your vacuum head from brush to no brush when switching from carpet to hardwood floors.  Although basic, this feature is key to convenience and quick clean-ups.


Vacuums equipped with a HEPA filtration system can trap fine particles of dust, dirt, and dander.  Most HEPA filters are washable and long-lasting and some are disposable.


The weight of a vacuum is a key when considering the size of your home, your staircases, and your lifting ability.  Below are average weights for each vacuum type.

Upright vacuums: 5 – 8kg
Canister vacuums: 8 – 9kg
Stick Vacuums: 1 – 3kg

Some of Our Nice-To-Have Features

RETRACTABLE CORD: This is a super convenient feature that lets you rewind the cord with a slight tug or a push of a button.  This feature is more common in canister vacuum cleaners.

A HEADLIGHT: Having a headlight in your vacuum cleaner illuminates the area you’re vacuuming. This feature is often helpful when you are cleaning dark areas and/or underneath furniture.

EDGE-CLEANING: This feature helps you to clean along walls, edges and corners with ease and precision.  This feature is found most with canister vacuums, or as attachments to other types.

SELF-ADJUSTING CLEANER HEIGHT: This feature adjusts the height of your vacuum’s brush roll and allows for easy movement and thorough cleaning.

UV LIGHT: This feature is a great one when it comes to allergy sufferers in your home.  This feature will help you to kill allergens and dust mites from your carpet than vacuuming alone would do.

INDICATOR LIGHT: This feature lets you know when it’s time to empty your vacuum bag.

Is That All?

Certainly not. We could go on and on about the who, what, when, where, why and how of a consumer guide for vacuum cleaners but that would mean more and more scrolling.  So, why not check out the rest of our website where we delve deeper into vacuum maintenance, suction performance, filters, parts, accessories, models and much more!

Happy vacuuming X


  1. Hi Gina,
    Your article has given me so much info with regard to vacuums to such an extend that I now easily can choose which vacuum to go with. I was so clueless when it comes to vacuums but now I certainly go with robotic vacuum. I just love the way you explained it although I get some sort of confusion because I first thought you said it is good for hard to reach places but I again going further down I get a sense that it is not suitable for hard to reach places. You say it is for convenient surface cleaning.

    I am also unsure if this robotic vacuum of mine will be compatible with some of the attachments you discussed like uv light, head light, indicator light and edge-cleaning because I also like those.

    As for your site, it is up to scratch. I love it.

    Thanks Gina

    1. Hi Jeffrey!
      The robotic vacuum is good for hard to reach places, in particular under beds, lounge suites and furniture where gaps are usually quite small.
      You raise a great point with whether or not robotic vacuums come with such features so I’ll make sure to do further research and release a review, or a blog in due course 🙂
      I am glad you like my website, feel free to share among your fellow vacuum buddies!

      Take care,

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