Miele Complete C3 Review

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The Miele Complete C3 series is the ultimate in vacuuming.  The series includes 9 models, the Alize, Calima, Kona, Cat & Dog, Marin, Brilliant, Homecare, Homecare+, and Limited Edition.  Common features are shared across all 9 models, with special features varying from model to model.  Our Miele Complete C3 review will present a wide variety of excellent features, and a few (only a few) let-downs that we believe would have made this series a 10 out of 10 for us.








Common Features of the Miele Complete C3 Series

Miele Complete C3 Review

Miele Complete C3 Review

Miele Complete C3 Review

Miele Complete C3 Review

Miele Complete C3 Review

Miele Complete C3 Review

All Miele vacuum units go through rigorous testing methods.  These testing methods include the handle test, the floor-head test, the cable rewind test, the hose test, the jam/threshold test, and the motor endurance test.  All of these tests measure endurance, reliability, durability, resilience, and performance.

The short of it is, with an average use of 45 mins per week on maximum power, and proper cleaning and maintenance, each unit can last up to 20 years!

360 swivel wheels

Designed for a gentle and nimble clean, these rubber enforced swivel wheels feature shock absorbers and 360 rotation.  They are extremely easy to manuevere, and glide across your floors smoothly and quietly.

Park System

Each model is equipped with a park system slot located on the back of the unit.  When the floorhead is parked, the unit automatically deactivates suction, and then recommences once removed from the park system. The best part is that it reduces the need to bend down to pick up the wand.

3 Standard Accessories

Three standard accessories are conveniently stored in the body of the unit.  These accessories include a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice nozzle.

Bumper Surrounding

A 3D non-marring rubber bumper surrounds the entire unit to help prevent you from marking your walls, doors, cupboards or anything else you typically hit along the way as you vacuum!

Adjustable Suction Control

All units come with 6 graphic suction symbols activated by +/- footswitch or handle controls eliminating the need for you to bend down to rotate a turn dial. Particularly convenient is the automatic setting that makes the suction decision for you.

Telescopic Wand / Cord / Indicator Light

The Miele Complete C3 series includes a 36 foot telescopic wand made for durabilty and extended cleaning.  It also includes a 7.5m length one touch automatic rewind electrical cord, and a super convenient full bag & filter indicator light to ensure maximum performance and hygiene.

AirClean Filtration System

The AirClean filtration system includes an Airclean Dustbag, a motor protection filter, and an AirClean exhaust filter.  This filtration system works to collect and contain dust securely.

Getting the right Airclean Dustbag can take a bit of thinking and remembering. Luckily, the miele complete c3 series takes the guess work out with its colour coded dustbag collars.

Thanks to its 9 carefully crafted filter layers, these vacuum bags remain airpermeable as they fill, and also ensure undiminished suction power. These dustbags also come with a protective netting to prevent the bag from bursting or ripping as it fills.

Diposing of these dustbags got a whole lot healthier too.  As soon as you open the lid of the unit, the dustbag collar closes the bag automatically.  This means that dust is not released back into the air.

There are 3 types of AirClean exhaust filters you can choose from:

The Air Clean filter which is effective filtration for everyday requirements.

The Active Air Clean filter which is perfect for pet owners, this filter combines AirClean technology with an active charcoal cassette that neutralizes and absorbs odors.

TheActive HEPA filter which traps over 99.95% of all allergens making it a great feature for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Although equipped with an extremely quiet, high performance 1200W motor, these units feature dust-tight casings and outstanding airflow movements through all components.


Warranty timeframes vary from model to model. Generally speaking, warranties can range anywhere between 2-7 years. Parts and accessory warranties can range anywhere between 5-10 years.

For a detailed description of your vacuum’s warranty, please refer to your specific user manual/guide, and specific warranty, upon purchase.

Floorhead Types With The Miele Complete C3 Series 

All of Miele’s floorhead types will clean hardwood floors including tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl, and other smooth surfaces.  They are also all suitable for low pile carpet.

The standard floorhead type does vary between models, however, the list of below floorheard types are compatibale with the entire series.

SEB 236 Electro Premium Powerbrush

Miele Complete C3 ReviewA standard with the Complete C3 Marin and Brilliant models, the SEB236 offers a 13 3/8 inch wide brush roll which is electrically driven to give a powerfully deep clean. The powerbrush promises complete maneuverability with edges, corners, and all floor surfaces.  The swivel neck, 5-level height adjustment and direct connect LED headlight of this powerbrush promises an easy reach and thorough clean every time.

When the wand is positioned upright, the powerbrush goes into automatic standby.

The SEB236 is suitable for hardwood floors and medium to high pile carpeting.

SBB300-3 Parquet Twister

Miele Complete C3 ReviewA convenient and standard attachment with the Complete C3 Marin, the Parquet Twister head is also a direct connect accesory and compatible with the entire Miele Complete C3 series.

The Parquet Twister is manufactured with a mix of polyamide and natural hair to gently clean hardwood floors including tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl, and other smooth surfaces.  Equipped with 180° rotation, this vacuum head offers exceptional agility under and around furniture.


STB205-3 Air Driven Turbo Brush

Miele Complete C3 Review

Known as Miele’s standard head type, the STB205-3 turbo brush uses air driven technology to loosen and collect dirt, debris, hair, lint and other small particles from carpet.  The

STB205-3 turbo brush is suitable for hardwood floors including tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl, and other smooth surfaces.  It is also suitable for low pile carpet.



SEB 228 Electro Plus Electrobrush

Miele Complete C3 ReviewA standard with the Complete C3 Kona & Cat & Dog model, the SEB228 14 inch brush is electrically driven, and gives you five levels of height adjustments so you can move effortlessly from carpet to hardwood floors.

The SEB228 also features a swivel neck for maximum maneuverability and versatility.

The SEB228 is suitable for hardwood flooring and low to high pile carpet.


SEB 217-3 Electric Powerbrush

Miele Complete C3 ReviewThe SEB 217-3 Powerbrush is an optional direct connect accessory, and compatible with the entire Miele Complete C3 series.  The SEB217-3 provides a 10 1/4 inch wide sweeping path delivering powerful edge-to-edge cleaning.

The SEB 217-3 powerbrush is a great replacement or addition for those with rug and hardwood floor combinations.

The SEB 217-3 is suitable for hardwood flooring and low to medium pile carpet.


SBD 285-3 Classic Combination Floor

Miele Complete C3 ReviewA standard with the Homecare model, the SBC285-3 is compatible with the entire Miele Complete C3 series. With the flick of its rocker switch, the SBC285-3 can transition from carpet to hardwood floors with ease.

The SBD285-3 is ideal for all hardwood flooring and low-pile carpeting.




STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

Miele Complete C3 Review

The STB101 is deal for vacuuming cut-pile carpets and delicate upholstery.  This tool cleans heavily-trafficked stairs, and easily removes crumbs and pet hair from your furnishings.





Disadvantages of the Miele Complete C3 Series

The only let down to the Miele Complete C3 series are the associated costs.  The units themselves can range from $600-1500USD which for most people, is quite a financial uptake.

Replacing the AirClean HEPA and AirClean Active (charcoal) filters are expensive because the recommended replacement frequency is 3 months.


As it goes, quality over quantity reigns true from our Miele Complete C3 review.  The long-term gain will always outweigh the short-term sacrifice despite the confronting financial investment.

In the end, you have 2 options really:

  1. Waste money buying cheap vacuums (which over the years adds up)
  2. Invest in a quality brand.

We hope that our Miele Complete C3 review has given you the confidence you need to make quality decisions when it comes to vacuums.

If you have anything to add please let us know as we value your opinion!

Happy vacuuming X

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