The Dyson V Series

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We all know that Dyson is one of the more popular household brands, but do we know why? If you love the Dyson brand, you will already know the awesomeness we will speak of here. However, if you are not aware, keep reading as we reveal all the great features that come with the Dyson V series.

Dyson V Series

Dyson has become a household name in the vacuum business because of its ability to constantly manufacture and deliver powerful, high-quality vacuums. The Dyson V series are built to be lightweight, compact and super convenient.

The series consists of 6 models:

  1. V6 Absolute
  2. V7 Animal
  3. V8 Absolute
  4. V10 Absolute
  5. V11 Torque drive
  6. V11 Outsize

We’ve carefully curated design and element features such as suction power, performance and convenience so that you can rest assured, you have all your ducks in a row.

Dyson Features and Benefits

All six models have a lot of similarities. The only notable differences among each of these models are the cleaning heads and accessories included.

So, let’s take a deep dive into each of the elements.


The Dyson V Series consists of three main segments, namely:

  1. The cleaning head
  2. The extension wand
  3. In-hand portion. This part includes the dust cup, the cyclone system, the handle, and the power trigger.


The Dyson V series vacuums have a trigger switch to power the vacuum cleaner on/off. Only by holding the power trigger, can the vacuum can be used. This mechanism is great for battery conservation.


As the power of cyclonic centrifuge spins dirt, dust, and debris, the air passes over the cyclones and through the filter. This ensures the air going out is healthier than what it was going in. The previous models used a two-tier, 15 cyclone system, however, the new models can step up to 18 cycles.


The Dyson V Series come with a washable lifetime filter and a premium HEPA filter. These filters are capable of collecting particles as small as 0.3 microns.


In 1993, Dyson launched their first ever bagless vacuum model.  Their aim was to revolutionize vacuuming by removing the need to have a vacuum bag.  The dust cups are also transparent which means you are able to ‘see’ how full your dust cup is, and empty it promptly to optimise suction performance.


All the vacuums in the V-series have similar accessories. Most accessories can be either attached to the extension wand or can be directly used with the handheld unit.

Dyson Tools & Attachments

The most powerful accessory of any vacuum cleaner is the floorhead. The Dyson V Series come with various floorheads which are designed based on flooring and usage.

Let’s take a closer look:


The smooth dusting brush is an excellent cleaning tool because it cleans smaller and more delicate surfaces and objects such as the keyboard, fans, bookshelves, tables, and desks. This brush also consists of soft bristles that are effective at agitating dust while the strong suction of the vacuum removes them.


The crevice tool is great for cleaning upholstery, the space between seats and cushions, narrow spaces and tight gaps, between stairs and along the edges and corners. The tool’s quick-release features are very convenient and require no extra power from the battery for cleaning.


As the name implies, the combination tool combines two tools, namely

  • Debris tool
  • Brush tool

The debris tool is beneficial in cleaning larger debris and crumbs. The brush tool is great in removing dust and other smaller dirt and debris. This tool comes with a quick-release feature and is also an un-powered tool that doesn’t require any extra power from the battery.


The soft roller cleaning head is primarily designed to clean hard floors. The cleaner head consists of two types of fiber which are effective in removing large debris to minute dirt. The Nylon fibers are exceptional in trapping larger debris while the carbon fibers remove small and minute dust particles.


The mini motorized tool is an excellent tool because it is able to clean pet hair and dirt from awkward and hard to reach places such as car interiors, under furniture, and curtains. It can be attached directly to the vacuum or the wand and requires very little power.


This cleaner head is primarily designed for cleaning carpeted floors where pet hair and dirt are deeply embedded. It consists of stiff nylon bristles that can penetrate deep into the carpets and effectively remove dust particles to leave your house dust-free. The downside of this tool is that it shortens the run time of the vacuum.

Please also note that the Torque Drive Cleaner Head comes with DYSON V11, Dyson V10 Absolute and Animal, while Dyson V10 Motorhead comes with Direct Drive Cleaner Head.

The frequency of replacement will vary based on usage and proper maintenance.

Dyson V Series Maintenance

Maintenance of any vacuum is crucial if you want the machine to last you a long time. The manufacturer recommendations are typically included in the manufacturer or user guide so be sure to refer to this as often as you need to for assistance with your vacuum, and its standard parts and attachments.

The Dyson V Series requires careful maintenance so remember to keep in mind the following steps:

1. The filters, including the HEPA filter, need to be washed at least once a month and air-dried for 24 hours before next use. The only time you need to replace the filters is if it is damaged and/or lost.

2. The Dyson V Series battery life can last up to 4 years. If you experience a noticeable loss of suction even with a fully charged battery, it may need inspection and potential replacement. Dyson batteries usually come with a 2 year warranty.

3. The brush roll of the Dyson vacuums should always tangle-free so that the performance of the vacuum remains at the tip of its game. We recommend that you check the brush roll once per week.

You can check the price of each replacement here.

Dyson V Series Recommendation

Now that you are familiar with the standard features, benefits, and attachments of the Dyson V Series, be sure to check out our full reviews with each of the Dyson V Series models to see which one best suits your needs.

It is always our best intention to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant information to keep you informed with what’s hot and what’s not. However, we always ask that if there is something we have overlooked, we certainly welcome your feedback and comments.

Meanwhile, happy vacuuming x

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